Delegators Earn

SPECIAL CLAIM RATES! Delegators earn ADA when pool mints blocks.  Delegators can also claim World Mobile Tokens, and Hosky tokens based on the amount of ADA staked after 2 epochs.

Starting at 1k-4999 ADA delegation. You can claim 1.5 WMT token.  At 5k-9999 ADA delegation you can claim 3 full WMT token.  At 10k-49999 ADA delegation you can claim 7 WMT tokens each epoch.

Staking 50k-99999 ADA you can claim 7 WMT.  When staking 100k+ ADA you can claim 10 WMT each epoch

Hosky tokens can be claimed as well

After 2 epochs you can claim your tokens at

Keep in mind this all starts after the 2nd epoch you have delegated to LSSP.  We ask that you claim within 8 epochs when rewards issued.